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Tuesday Night: Question Time with JATMAB & FTFO.

Hello lovelies! The beautiful Kirsty (freak-thefreak-out) is sleeping over my house tonight. So we thought it would be pretty awesome to set up an askfm account, just incase any of you wanted to ask us some questions. (you probably don’t but hey - it’s here) So go for it! Questions about life, food, blogging etc are all welcome! 


Starting at 8PM GMT/ 12PM EST.

CAT VALENTINE UPLOADED A PHOTO TO THE SLAP.Look at this really silly picture I found of me, Jade and Tori!! #Reunitedwithmygirlies #prettyyy
JADE VEGA ADDED A COMMENT: You couldn’t have found another photo? Seriously. Any other photo.

Look at this really silly picture I found of me, Jade and Tori!! #Reunitedwithmygirlies #prettyyy

You couldn’t have found another photo? 
Seriously. Any other photo.

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cadejahvielovescherry asked: Oh my god CAT YOU'RE BACK!! I'm glad to hear that you're okay! I was just so worried about you! We have to go for Ice cream soon alright? // Felix

CAT: Oh absolutely! I’m getting ice cream with Tori and Jade but I would love to get ice cream with you! I love your name by the way! Felix. It reminds me of that cat in the commercial. You know? Where he’s meowing for food! 

Anonymous asked: when you get out of the hospital you should take Trina out on a date to show that you aren't mad at her

CAT: But I’m not mad at Trina! It was the fault of the tree!
Though I guess I could take her out on a date! What date should I choose? There’s the 25th of August, the 26th of August. Oh! Maybe the 27th! Sooo many dates! 

Anonymous asked: Is Cat allowed bibble?

JADE: She is allowed a small bag of bibble each week.

CAT: When you say a ‘small bag’…

JADE: I mean a small bag.

CAT: But what if we limited your coffee? You’re so obsessed with coffee that I think it’s only fair that we limit you to about like, 2 cups a week and - I’ll stop talking.

Anonymous asked: Trina was really worried about you, have you seen her since waking up?

CAT: Well…after Tori held Jade back, Trina came up to me and hugged me really tightly and said how sorry she was over and over. She also gave me a cute little pink purse filled with all of my favorite candy and promised not to hurt me anymore! She said to blame the tree! :D

bite-me-im-a-lezbian asked: Cat!! I'm so freaking glad your awake! Here, I got you a whole bucket of pink jelly beans.

JADE: She’s not supposed to be but hey, ice cream wins over the Doctor’s specific instructions. So. 

CAT: I’m so happy that I’m awake too! Have you ever been in a coma? It’s not fun and you don’t get to - Ooh! I love pink jellybeans! Are they bubblegum flavored??

Here! Have some of my licorice! It’s fresh!

Anonymous asked: Hey Cat, did you see Monkeybone while you were in the coma?

JADE: What in the name of chiz is 'Monkeybone?'
Wait strike that. I don’t want to know.

CAT: Ohh! I saw a movie about a monkey once! 
He wore glasses and carried a gun! Or was that Detective Blow-hole….? 

JADE: Cat? You’re meant to be resting! 
Where’s Vega? She’s supposed to make sure you’re following the Doctor’s orders!

CAT: …I convinced her to go and get ice cream!

JADE: Oh Tori’s second weakness. Figures.

CAT: What’s her first?? 

JADE: Uh…I’ll tell you later.

Anonymous asked: Oh,'re so innocent

CAT: My dad said that! and my mom…my brother, Jade, Tori, Robbie, Beck, Andre. Oh and Mr Kip, my childhood therapist!

Anonymous asked: You guys really are gonna be just fine (:

CAT: Yeah…we are! I wish I could have woken up, you know? But I was kinda in a coma. Oh though I could hear everything that everyone was saying - well most of what everyone was saying. I remember hearing Sam sing to me…?