Because Sikowitz Ships Jori.

Anonymous asked: ooc: Have you seen these leaked photos of Victoria Justice ?!

ooc; Yes and I’m absolutely disgusted. These photos of celebrities are meant to be confidential in the first place and I’m appalled that someone would violate a person’s privacy like that for the media. Jennifer Lawrence, Jennette McCurdy and now possibly Victoria - it doesn’t matter who it is.
It’s wrong. We all need to support Victoria right now.

TORI VEGA UPLOADED A PHOTO TO THE SLAP.Jade told me that she’d made a surprise for dinner…I’m gonna eat her instead and not in the good way! #alsobread…insidebread? #really? #andwhatswiththechips? #whohaschipswithburgers!

Jade told me that she’d made a surprise for dinner…I’m gonna eat her instead and not in the good way! #alsobread…insidebread? #really? #andwhatswiththechips? #whohaschipswithburgers!

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Anonymous asked: You guys should divorce

JADE: You should find something better to do with your time.

shayla-stylinson-and-imagines asked: i use to ship tori and andre but then i saw the truth

JADE: That’s right. Come over to the dark side. 
I can’t promise you cookies. But we have lesbians. 

Anonymous asked: I imagine tori has a shaved vagina and jade has stubble to tease and scrape against tori with

TORI: Ignoring that…first part. Jade doesn’t have any stubble! Her face is smooth and there is no indication of a beard there whatsoever!

JADE: Oh My God.

shayla-stylinson-and-imagines asked: I'm not scared of you Jadelyn August Vega

JADE: ….August? Oh! You mean those poor imitations of me floating around this site that decided to give me a ridiculous middle name? August. I swear to God…

Anonymous asked: tori imagine jade in a japanese girl school outfit


JADE: Oh. Because that’s not creepy.

Anonymous asked: did you know bubbline is canon :D

JADE: Bubbline?

TORI: Oh! That totally reminds me! I have the exact same shirt that Princess Bubblegum borrowed from Marceline. The one she wears as pajamas!

JADE: You know what else is ‘canon’? How extremely nerdy my wife is. Because really.

naya-is-life asked: What if they cry though

JADE: So what if they cry because they can’t swim with dolphins? I’d rather have them cry than be pushed out to the ocean to drown for those animal’s sick amusement.

TORI: …As you can see, my wife has a lot of issues with dolphins.

The Plot Twist.