Because Sikowitz Ships Jori.

JADE VEGA SLAPPED TORI VEGA IN A PHOTO.Just incase you guys didn’t believe me about the giant dancing hot dog.

Just incase you guys didn’t believe me about the giant dancing hot dog.

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Anonymous asked: jade, did it ever happen to you to dream about Tori?

JADE: I’ve been told by my therapists that I’m not allowed to tell you about my dreams

…or tell them my dreams. 

TORI: *coughs* Officer!


Anonymous asked: Dolphins are amazing

Anonymous asked: okay this is gonna sound like a very stupid question.... what characters do you play as on mario kart? lol

TORI: Oh…um we actually haven’t played Mario Kart in forever! I’m usually Yoshi. There’s something about the adorable little green face that I can’t resist! 

JADE: Bowser.
The most destructive one. 

supervamp96 asked: Hey Jade and Tori what ever happened to Trina and Cat and Beck P.S Jade What's it like having Trina as your sister

TORI: They’re still around! Treen’s still working on Divertismo and they’re about to start filming a Christmas special. Cat was caught trying to sneak into Barney’s Bibble Factory with Sam…and Beck is visiting his Aunt in Cancun! 

JADE: Yeah. No. We don’t talk about that. 

christianaxoxo asked: Yay congratulations on the potential jobs! That's wonderful news. I just got a part-time job, and the search process is so hard. How are the pets?

TORI: Thank you christiana! I went for an interview today so we’ll see how that goes! Oh! Congratulations on your part-time job! The pets are doing great! Though Benji had a little snuffly cold and Jade stayed home last week to take care of him. 

JADE: It was funny because work was like: you’re not taking a whole week off to look after a bunny! You’ll be in serious trouble with management’ and my reaction: 

Anonymous asked: The Scissoring sounds really cool. Gore, death, AND a sexy innuendo? I'm in. Jade, you have an extra copy for me to borrow?

JADE: I have several extra copies and you’re not laying a fingerprint on any of them. 

metaphorical-fapping asked: That awkward moment when your baby pet guinea pig likes hiding in your cleavage

JADE: That awkward moment when your wife can’t stop staring at your cleavage. Seriously. We were in line at Yotally Togurt and I spilled water down my shirt, next thing I know Tori’s gawking like some hormone crazed teenage boy and we have a line of about ten people behind us. 

TORI: In the baby guinea pig’s defense! Boobs are so nice and warm and comfy and squishy! Like two little mounds that you can nestle into and call home!

artemispower asked: Tori! Jade! Remember me!?! It's Arty! I used to give you guys cocoa and cake :D *Gives a years supply of Hot chocolate and cheesecake to make up for being gone.*

TORI: Arrrrrrrty! Hey! Of course we remember you! Wow! It’ really has been awhile! We hope you’ve been okay!

JADE: …I honestly can’t remember a time that Vega and I weren’t running this blog. 

You people sure like your lesbians.

Anonymous asked: Is it weird that "The Scissoring" sounds a little like my family reunion? Instead of killing a murder with meatloaf we killed the cat with sausage, and the "slow and painful deaths" haven't actually gotten to the death part yet.

JADE: Yeah. I had no idea what you just said. 

TORI: You killed a cat with a sausage…?
That’s a very strange family reunion!

JADE: You haven’t seen anything until you’ve attended a West family reunion.