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TORI VEGA UPLOADED A PHOTO TO THE SLAP.Jade, Trina and me rocking it out at Karaoke Dokie! #Trinalookssomad. #Jadeisarockstar. #andshe’sMine.

Jade, Trina and me rocking it out at Karaoke Dokie! 
#Trinalookssomad. #Jadeisarockstar. #andshe’sMine.

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Anonymous asked: Hey Tori sorry to bother you but I was wondering if I could have some help. I was at a conference for 4 days and so I had a roommate since we were staying in a hotel. She was the nicest person ive ever met and now I'm experiencing separation anxiety from her. She lives 2 hours away and I don't know when I'll see her again :c

TORI: You’re not bothering me! Don’t be silly! I’m here to help and give advice and Jade - well I’m here to help! But oh that’s really sweet that you and this roommate hit it off so well! Honestly, I would say that distance is just an annoying factor. It really shouldn’t matter. You guys can video chat and text constantly and call each other and then through that you can arrange to meet up again! She’s only two hours away, that’s not as far as a whole country. I’m sure between the two of you, you can figure out a way to see each other again! Just plan out a whole day of fun! Maybe make it a monthly thing?? 

JADE: But you know, nothing like that monthly thing.

Anonymous asked: Tori have you ever considered getting a boob job?

TORI: You mean…a boob job to make them bigger? 

JADE: No Vega. A boob job to make them smaller because they’re already so huge that I’m surprised you can walk. 

shayla-stylinson-and-imagines asked: Tori, What would you do if jade got a boob reduction?

TORI: A b-boob reduction? Is that a real thing?!

JADE: Oh don’t even joke about taking my boobs away from my wife. I once punished her by not letting her touch my boobs all day and I came home to find her groping some melons she’d bought. 

TORI: That was- that was one time!

justanotherproudteen asked: Answer to the riddle: a candle

JADE: Yeah. You’re about 100 years late. 

Anonymous asked: I need help. I love my gf but before I got with her I loved another girl but she rlly hurt me and I got with the girl I'm with now. But now I need to choose who I want and I picked my gf but not told the other girl or she will post bad things about me and stuff...what should I do?

TORI: Well sometimes in life, we have to make hard decisions and we have to put ourselves before others. It’s important for you to find your happiness and if you’re happier with your current girlfriend, then stay with her. The ‘other girl’ might post bad things about you but that’s only because she’s immature. In reality, we can’t stop people from blasting one another on the internet - so why waste time worrying about lies when you’re in a relationship? Enjoy it and don’t worry about the haters! 

qwertymarky asked: Trina have you ever walked in on Jade and Tori making out or doing the fun stuff? -Mark

JADE: Trina’s not here anymore, so I’ll answer for her. 
She’s only walked in on us once and that was to steal one of Vega’s shirts. I remember I had Tori handcuffed to the headboard…

TORI: Safe to say that Treen never walked into my room without knocking ever again. 

Anonymous asked: Jadelyn,what's your worst memory of childhood?


Anonymous asked: Jade.. Cat is straight and you know it. Especially because you even told Sam that she has a huge crush on Robbie which she DOES.

JADE: I can say with an open mind, that Cat loves whoever she wants to. In middle school she had a pet rock.

Anonymous asked: Jade, just remember that to defend yourself from Trina, you have all kinds of fun story's about her sister

JADE: Oh and since we’re at Tori’s house for the summer, I can catch up on all the torture that I haven’t yet managed to inflict! 

TORI: Jade.

JADE: What? Nothing dangerous or illegal…