Because Sikowitz Ships Jori.

vampiregillies asked: Have a safe flight and a wonderful time, Emma. You deserve it ♡

ooc: Thank you so much, my darling.
You’re the sweetest candy apple!

quickquotesquill asked: You better have a safe flight, doofus. ;P

ooc: You’re just thinking about the Butterfingers…

strawberri-jori asked: have a safe flight bby. You deserve a break. Have fun! So jealous!

ooc; thanks Kyli! If I see Ariana there I’ll try and get you an autograph ;)

Anonymous asked: have a safe flight Em!

Thank you! 

-will still be posting Slap Updates.-will still be posting text messages.-will not be answering questions.

-will still be posting Slap Updates.
-will still be posting text messages.
-will not be answering questions.


Hello my wonderful people from around the globe!
Just to let you all know that Jade & Tori will not be answering questions from the 13th-25th September 
because I’ll be FLYING TO NEW YORK! BUT I will still be posting Slap updates and the ask box will still be open for you to leave your questions, which I will have the girls answer when I get back!

Wish me a safe flight! <3

Anonymous asked: You've probably heard it before, but you two are perfect for each other!

JADE: We’ve heard it before but I love hearing it again.

Anonymous asked: I love you two. Like, platonically, you guys are the best thing to have ever hit this earth.

TORI: Aww! That’s really sweet compliment!anon. 
Thank you so much! I’m assuming it’s because of our fantastic witty banter, killer raps and awesome jokes!

JADE: Oh yeah. That’s it.

Anonymous asked: So I read your reply (I'm the anon who asked the.. uh, the rape question) And while I thank you for the support, I can't go to professional help because that costs money that my family just can't come up with right now. Plus if I did that I'd have to explain what happened and I just can't stand doing that. I guess... talking to you guys helps? (ooc: love this blog btw, it's one of the few happy things I have.) What else should i do? This is really eating away at me and i hate it.

TORI: Oh…that is true. Well I’m glad that talking to us is helping! You and all our followers are always welcome to talk to us at anytime and I’m still so sorry that this happened to you. I’ve searched the internet and come up with a few sites that you might find helpful. 

 (The Online Hotline RAINN)
x (After Silence Chatboard)
x (Other links for help, information and support)

Now this is a message for you and for our friends. If anyone needs advice or just wants to talk. Please don’t hesitate to leave a message. Don’t suffer in silence. Remember that we love you and we are here for you and if anything is happening - please stay strong and keep fighting.

(ooc: this message stands for my personal blog as well, which is open to anyone x I’m so sorry that you’ve had to live through that anon, but I’m so proud that you’re staying so strong. This blog is here for anyone who needs help or just wants to relax for awhile and I’m honored that it’s helped so many of you <3)

Anonymous asked: Hey Tori, we haven't heard you rap in a while (if its not too much to ask)


TORI: Ohhh T-Dog is like a wanted criminaaaal!
Throwin’ down dem beats, like I throw Jade down on the bed. Better come in closely, read my lips, take down what I said. I’m bout to tell a story - rhymes with Tori - and it’s true, walking hand in hand wit ma girl, bout to get some lunch and the sky is blue! We go to sandwichway, I swagger to the counter and yo! Ask for a sub - which is basically a Jade ‘to go’ ;{) 

JADE: …and then she ran into my scissors. 
She ran into my scissors ten times.